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Web & Mobile Development

Muswell Tech offers professional website development ranging from brochure sites to startup MVP projects developed in Node, Rails or Django. For corporate clients we offer options for the ASP.Net and Spring platforms. We also develop mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Brochure Website

From £1,575

  • 5 pages with content management
  • 3 days then £525 per day as required
  • Suitable for small businesses
  • Easy to use admin interface
  • Wide range of plugins for adding features
  • Ecommerce options

Startup Website

From £10,500

  • 20 days then £525 per day as required
  • Suitable for launching a startup MVP
  • Bespoke features unique to your project
  • Ease of adding new features
  • Dynamically typed programming for agility
  • Monolithic or microservice architecture
  • Single data source
  • Easy to scale when traffic increases
  • Examples: ecommerce, social network
  • Custom monitoring tools and analytics

Corporate Website

From £31,500

  • 60 days then £525 per day as required
  • Suitable for organisations & PLCs
  • Integration with 3rd party services
  • Multiple data sources
  • Future-proof layered architecture
  • Suitable for intranets

Mobile App

From £21,000 per platform (iOS, Android)

  • Native: 40 days per platform then £525 per day
  • React Native: 40 days then £525 per day
  • Native for deeper hardware integration
  • Custom back-end REST APIs optional
  • Integration with 3rd party services
  • Single data source

Legacy Code

£525 per day

We maintain legacy applications where there are no restrictions on updating the version of the programming language or framework. We can also help with scaling to meet increased load.

Website Maintenance

From £300 per month

  • 4 hours then £75 per hour as required
  • Software upgrades
  • New pages and content additions to exisitng pages
  • Plugins added for new features
  • Scheduled backups

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